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Saving the Pleasant Street School

Ron These articles were first printed in Reflections
by Ron Wischhusen '72'

Pleasant Street School


Spring 2007 Pleasant Street School... On Hold

There has been no discemable change in the situation with the building since the summer of 2005. As a result, there is no immediate interest (or reason for it) among the various civic organizations in Sidney to consider the challenges of the building. Parts of the building have been without a roof all winter, and the deterioration inside has likely advanced accordingly.

However, my interest in the project has certainly not waned. We have a solid plan, which was outlined in my article last fall and we have made our knowledge of the building and what we have to offer abundantly clear to everyone. As of now, we're on hold until there is a breakthrough of some sort and we can determine a new direction.

Please forward all questions, comments, etc.
regarding the building and/or project to Ron Wischhusen