SCS Alumni Newsletter Heading
 Volume X Issue I Spring - 2007 
Straight From the Gavel
By Terry Dermody `65

To: SCSAA Board of Directors and Membership

As President of the SCSAA it is my duty and privilege to deliver the annual report on the State of the Association. The purpose of this report is to provide to the Association's Board of Directors and Membership a glimpse of where we currently stand and where we are headed. This report also focuses on the progress, accomplishments and challenges of the Association during the last year

As we begin our 9th year as a formally instituted organization, I am proud to report that the State of the Association remains sound from both a financial and organizational perspective. I firmly believe we have validated our founding purposes this past year and I am proud of our accomplishments.

2006 was no ordinary year. It was year when our established plans were changed and we had to operate on our instincts. This definitely was an unprecedented time with unprecedented challenges for the Association. But this was also a year that presented some unprecedented opportunities.

The defining event of 2006 in Sidney area was the Flood of 2006. The flood which devastated the local area also had an impact on the Association:
• Forced the cancellation of Alumni Weekend
• Contributed to a decline in paid membership and a significant reduction in revenue
• Resulted in a reduction in the size of the Fall issue of "Reflections" due to a lack of information and articles
• Forced change in venue for the Alumni Sports Hall of Fame Induction Dinner
• Tested the capability of our communication network

The consequences of flood were not all negative. Out of adversity came opportunities for the Association to grow in stature as an organization and focus our attention and energies in a whole new direction.

Those included:
• Focus our attention on the Community aspect of our founding purposes
• Actively participate in local flood relief efforts
• Harness the collective resources of the Alumni Community to benefit the Community
• Demonstrate our ability to "rise to the occasion" under challenging circumstances
• Create a Homecoming Weekend Events as alternative activity to fill the void created by the cancellation of Alumni Weekend.

Although our attention was diverted from some of out original goals and objectives, 2006 was a year of significant accomplishments.

Accomplishments and Milestones
• Validating our Founding Purposes of Community
• Serving as Catalyst in Raising $20,000 for local Flood Relief
• Receiving the "Community Matters" Award from the Sidney United Way for our role in flood relief
• Fulfilling our vision through the Inauguration of "Sidney Alumni Field"
• Hosting a very successful Homecoming Weekend with the focus. on Community ( raising $1,200 for flood relief)
• Initiating the Alumni Directory Project in support of our membership efforts
• Expanded Board of Directors Membership
• Continuing our scholarship fund with $2,000 awarded

The two events that stand above all and of which I am most proud were receiving the "Community Matters" Award and the inauguration of Sidney Alumni Field. It is not the Award and the Score Board Sign in itself that is significant but what they represent. They are a tangible validation of our founding purposes in harnessing the collective resources and spirit of Sidney Alumni for the benefit of School and Community. These honors represent you the entire Alumni Community and they should be a source of pride to all.

The "Community Matters Award" is recognition of the generosity that you displayed in responding to the Association's appeal for aid to the victims of the flood. The dedication of "Sidney Alumni Field" is a tribute to the generations of Alumni who over the years created a tradition of excellence and made a positive impact on "School and Community" These recognitions belong to you and will remain as a tangible reminder of the commitment to the founding purposes.

Other initiatives in progress:

Sidney Alumni Directory Project: This past year the Association contracted with Alumni Research to create an Alumni Directory. This project is now in its final stages and the publication date is scheduled for July 2007. To date Alumni Research has received pledges for approximately 1,000 copies from Alumni. Thousands of Alumni have been contacted by Alumni research to update their information for this publication. It is not too late to include your information in the Directory. Alumni research can be reached at 800-299-1230. We are encouraging all Alumni to participate to make this project a success. One of the goals for initiating this project was to. support our membership efforts. This directory will' give us a more current list of Alumni and allow us to expand our rooster. it will also make Alumni more aware of the Association and our purposes. This will be a very informative reference for everyone.

College Banner Project:

This project was instituted last year in response to a request from Annette Hammond, Sidney High School Principal. The goal is to have Alumni donate a banner from their college to be displayed in the new Library. The purpose is to make students aware of the colleges attended by former Sidney graduates to give them an incentive to pursue a college education and potential colleges to attend. This project has gotten off to a slow start but the School Relations Committee has dedicated their efforts to make this a success.

Recruiting new volunteers:

One of my major concerns and disappointments, as documented in my annual report for 2006, was the lack of substantial progress in the recruitment of new volunteers to the Association. This was one of our major goals and commitments of 2006. The success and the continuity of the organization depends on having a sufficient number of volunteers to share the burden.

I am pleased to report that we have made some significant in roads in this initiative. Several new volunteers have joined the Alumni Weekend Committee and we recruited three new members to the Board of Directors. This was a significant accomplishment but does not totally resolve this issue. We need to continue to focus our efforts in this area to maintain this momentum.

Alumni Weekend 2007:

The cancellation of Alumni weekend 2006 was one of the most difficult decisions that the Association had to make but it was the appropriate decision under the circumstances. While most Alumni understood the reasons, it created tremendous disappointment. Alumni Weekend 2007 will bean identical "restaging" of Alumni Weekend 2006 by utilizing the same venues, theme and entertainment. Also we will be combining the 2006 "Wall of Fame" class of inductees with the 2007 class at a ceremony during the 2007 Alumni Luncheon. Many of the 2006 Anniversary Classes will "Pal-up" with the 2007 anniversary classes. We expect this to be the biggest event ever. So I say to all Alumni "We say you can come home!"

Home Coming Weekend 2007:

The success of the 2006 Homecoming Weekend, which was held primarily to subsidize our flood relief efforts, inspired the Association to make this an annual event. Plans are already under way for organizing the 2007 celebration. To enhance this event's stature the "SCSAA Sports Hall of Fame" induction ceremony will be moved to the Saturday of Homecoming Weekend. We expect this to be a very special event which will offer Alumni another opportunity to get together in a social setting. Additional information will be announced as it become available.

Pleasant Street School Status:

As reported in previous years, our efforts to "save the Pleasant Street School have been a "roller coaster ride", However, it appears that the ride may be coming to an end. But, certainly not due to a lack of effort. We have exhausted every means possible to find a solution. Therefore the project, as an active initiative is being placed on hold. It appears based on the current condition of the building that the window of opportunity may have passed. I report this with sincere regret and consider the expected outcome as one of our biggest disappointments but I must be practical in my assessment of the situation.

Special Project in progress:

This past year the Association was offered a donation of a Marriott timesharing property in Newport Beach, CA by Dick Germond `63 and his wife Kristina. This is one of the most exciting and potentially lucrative opportunities ever presented to the Association. The property has a real estate value of approximately $27,000. The Board of Directors decided to accept the donation at the March 31st Board Meeting and to use it for a major fund raising campaign for the Association.

Once the title is transferred, the fund raising campaign will be launched. The Association will be holding a raffle with the winner receiving ownership of the property. A limited rattle has been proposed where only 500 tickets will be sold at a price of $100 per ticket. Already we have received tremendous support for this project. We are thrilled by the prospect of the financial benefits to the Association and extend our sincere thanks to Dick and Kristina Germond for their generosity. As the project moves forward we will announce the full details on the Alumni Website. We expect to be able to launch this campaign in the next month and possibly announce the winner at Alumni .Weekend.

Financial Condition

Despite a decline in membership dues and other revenue sources this past year, primary attributed to the cancellation of Alumni Weekend, we were able to hold our own financially. Our fund balance as of December 31, 2006 was $ 20,151.94 as compared to $24,492.68 on December 31, 2005. But overall, we are still very financially sound as an organization. With the anticipation of a very significant fund raising initiative for this coming year, we should continue to grow financially.

Declining Membership

The response by the Alumni Community to the flood relief efforts was heartwarming and continues to this date. That being said, the biggest disappointment of this past year was lack of a response to our initiative to attract more paid members to the Association. The membership dues are what sustains the organization and provides the means to allow the Association to engage in all its undertakings. In the long run the Association will not be able to function as a viable organization, without sufficient membership dues regardless of our independent fundraising activities. The current paid membership represents less than 15% of those on our roster. I just can not understand why it is so low. If we had a similar response to our membership appeal as we had to the flood relief appeal,the Association would enjoy a very strong financial outlook. This is the challenge to all of you and I hope we can expect your support. Membership applications can be found in "Reflections" or on the Alumni Website.

Final Comments:

This past year was one of the most challenging that we have ever faced as an organization. But despite the obstacles, it will be remembered as one of the most gratifying and memorable time for the Association. The Association and the entire Alumni Community demonstrated its affection for our hometown and its ability to rise to the occasion and tackle the challenges head on with a very positive impact. As a result, I remain very optimistic about the future of the Association. It was a very inspiring time and what I consider our "finest hour"