SCS Alumni Newsletter Heading
 Volume VIII Issue I Spring - 2005 
"The Future of the Sports Hall of Fame"
By Greg Davie '76

With the second induction ceremony of the Sidney Alumni Hall of Fame, we know this is an event that will go annually. There are many pros and few cons to the system, so where do we go from here? Good question.

As many are aware, there was initial intent to induct those SCS alumni or coaches/contributors already in the Section Four Hall of Fame. Our Hall of Fame Committee felt this was a good starting point because there would be no need to "get political" with nomination and selection processes that could slow us down. Eight people, four of them athletes and other four coaches was perfect! We were set for two years. Since we began meeting in 2002, however, the Section Four total has grown from eight to twelve. No coaches and no one before the class of 1982.

So the nomination request opened a year earlier than we intended. And thanks to the boys from the mid 1940s, a passionate plea for one of their best gave us Willard "Hummy" Hulbert as a fifth inductee and the first to go through the Committee's selection process. At a meeting held in late March, your Hall of Fame Committee has decided to ask you to keep the nominations coming!

The four current Section Four Hall of Fame folks, :Kris (Smith) Sanabria (`84), Karl Paranya (`93), Rosette Woodyshek (`93) and the latest inducted in February 2005, Kim (Jones) Hahne (`83) will enter the Sidney HOF over the next couple of years, likely two at a time. That means two more (at least one of them a coach) will go in this year and next.

In order for us to do that, we need YOUR input! Send us a nomination for a player or coach from your era. Putting it frankly, who was "IT" during your time at Sidney? When reminiscing about your good ole days, and the topic turns to sports, what name comes up without much thought?

Or, what coach made sure the teams were going to be competitive and fun to play on? Send that name to me, Greg Davie by e-mail ( or fax me (607) 563-7805: Or for those who love to put the self adhesive stamps on envelopes, send me a letter at 148 Sanly Road, Unadilla NY 13849. Include as much as you can about your nominee.

Statistics maybe hard to come by, I know. But pore through your yearbook, scrapbook, or if you're in the area, try the Sidney Historical Room at the Civic Center. There is also the Alumni Room, where a number of years are put in scrapbook form. The sooner the better!