SCS Alumni Newsletter Heading
 Volume VIII Issue I Spring - 2005 
Straight From the Gavel
By Terry Dermody `65

A Special Invitation for a Special Moment

Alumni Weekend will be extra special this year as the Association reaches another milestone with the inauguration of the "Wall of Fame for Distinguished Alumni and Educators". This will be an exciting moment for the Association and hopefully will capture the attention and support of everyone reading this column. It is my sincere wish that by the time you finish this column, you will share my sense of excitement and pride and will be inspired to attend the celebration.

Alumni Weekend was purposely selected to host this momentous event sons many of you as possible would have the opportunity to share in the special moment.

I want to extend a personal invitation to the entire Alumni Community (and that especially means you) to reserve this date and join the festivities in honoring this select group of individuals from among our ranks who have distinguished themselves in service to their communities as prominent civic leaders, or excelled in the field of education.

The first Class of Inductees to the "Wall" clearly demonstrates that each generation who shared, our common experience of school and community have produced remarkable individuals who are deserving of this honor. Our inductees can measure up, to anyone, anywhere, anytime. We should all take pride in their accomplishments and flock to the Luncheon in droves to honor and celebrate a very special moment for those who can be called "one of our own".

Well, we have come to the end of my column; have I convinced you yet? I hope so! For those of you, who now share my excitement and plan to attend, be sure to make your arrangements now. A word of advice for those who have to travel a long distance. Take an extra day and schedule your departure for Monday. That way you will not have to rush away in the middle of the ceremony and miss one minute of what will become for all a very special moment.