SCS Alumni Newsletter Heading
 Volume VIII Issue I Spring - 2005 
The Editor's Corner......
Karen 'Cycon' Dermody '63

The theme of this issue has come to be teacher appreciation. I asked everyone to send their memories of a special teacher-someone who perhaps helped you in another aspect of your life and not just with the subject they may have taught or the sport they coached. The responses were immediate and included teachers from every level of education in the Sidney School System. Then, Jim Wright asked if I might. be able to use a letter he had received from two of his teachers while he was in basic training at' Sampson during World War II,' which complemented. everything nicely. I think you'll enjoy both of these articles.

In the spirit of honoring those who taught us, Doug Sheldon and his committee have announced the first group of inductees into the Wall of Fame For Distinguished Alumni and Educators. These five exemplify the values taught at'SCS and one of them is one of our teachers.

The Luncheon Registration form is available for your use and this year's luncheon will feature the first annual induction ceremony of The Wall of Fame for Distinguished Alumni and Educators. This is one you won't want to miss.

Charles "Doc" Brooks has sent his thoughts on having spent 70 years out of Sidney High. As always his perspective is a good read.

There are as many reunion plans as we could find and a schedule for the 7th Annual Alumni Reunion Weekend. A list of class representatives is also here for your information.

Please use the ballot in this issue to vote for board members running for re-election. You can also visit the website to do this - but please do it.

Please note Greg Davie's article about the extremely successful Sports Hall of Fame II and the pictures of that event which along with the 13th Annual Alumni Basketball Game have turned Thanksgiving weekend in to a "mini Alumni Weekend".

Pat McElligott `76, sent an article about Sidney's boxing history. I'm sure many will remember the students he writes about.

I have had the pleasure of working with Roberta Meehan, '62, on this issue after realizing that all along she had been living just one town over from me here in New Jersey. It has been wonderful to have her energy and ideas and I am grateful for her help.

The fact that she lives so close to me is a bonus. We communicate often via email and I want to say again that you can help even if you live far away. We always need articles, ideas for articles, pictures and your news to fill the 20 pages of the newsletter. Be sure and send me pictures and information about how wonderful your reunion was for the fall issue. It can't be done without you!

Roberta revised the membership form on page 18. It is longer and asks more questions but we are hoping it will make it easier for you to indicate how you would like to help by telling us exactly what your interests are. Let us know how you feel about it. By all means, use it to send us your membership and your news.

So, now we will put the finishing touches on the preparations for Reunion Weekend 2005--there is still time to make plans to attend. All we need to make the weekend perfect is you!

Karen Cycon Dermody