SCS Alumni Newsletter Heading
 Volume VI Issue I Spring - 2003 
Sherwood Heights Community House
Was Part of Sidney School History

Did you know there was once a school in the Sherwood Heights Development? A Community House was built on Beale Boulevard around 1940 by the federal government. At that time the housing project was under construction and included plans for a community center which would house a nursery for children of defense workers who were working in Scintilla, a library, and a kitchen and provide recreation facilities for war workers.

Apparently the building was used in this capacity for about five years but never really filled a need as expected. Once the war was over, the school enrollment really increased as the post war baby boom exploded. The Sherwood Heights building was put to use as classrooms for the young children in grades K through 3. Luckily, the Pearl Street Elementary School was in the process of being built so it wasn't long before it was ready. I'm sure the little ones were happy to vacate the rather shoddy, drafty rooms. After all it was built for temporary use! It was used as a library for a few more years.

In 1955 the Federal government turned the building over to the village of Sidney. Repair and further use of the building was considered too costly and without merit and so it was demolished. The Sherwood Heights project houses have recently been torn down and are slowly being replaced with attractive new homes-a definite asset for Sidney. Information about the Sherwood Heights School seems to be rather scarce. If anyone has some tales to relate on this subject please let us know!