SCS Alumni Newsletter Heading
 Volume V Issue I Spring - 2002 
The Editor's Corner......
Karen 'Cycon' Dermody Editor

The theme of this issue of the newsletter should probably be "the Pearl Street School in the 1950's" because of all the photos it contains. The association was the beneficiary of a large group of slides and albums that were taken at the Pearl St. School beginning in 1954. This was a treasure trove of pictures of many of the kids I went to school with and I couldn't resist putting some of them (ok-a lot) in this issue. The ones of the teachers were particularly wonderful. In fact I was able to persuade Jean 'Rankins' Pysnik to write about her mother after I found a picture of Mrs. Rankins reading to her class. The class of `62, celebrating their 40th reunion this summer, appeared in a number of the pictures and it was more than appropriate to make sure everyone saw them the way they used to be.

An interesting thing to me was that I was able to look at some of the pictures and put a name on each face it came back like it was yester-day - as well it should. These are the "first friends" that Doug Sheldon spoke of in his article in the last issue.

My apologies to anyone who didn't go to the Pearl St. School in the `50's and all I can say to you is PLEASE SEND PICTURES-and I will be exploring the rest of the box of good-ies and next time we will have some of other years represented.

This issue contains the responses to our "Warrior Debate", which continues.

This is the 45th anniversary of the incident in Oneonta which has been referred to as a "rumble". Ron Becker and Steve Roff both sent us their recollections of that time and Ron also wrote another article with a lot of memories that will make you smile.

The All Class Reunion Luncheon registra-tion is here for you along with a schedule for the weekend.

In the process of verifying our roster we have many names with no addresses. They are included here and if you know an address for someone on the list, please contact Debby Puffer at or phone 607-967-8480.

Several of the board members are running for re-election in July. Its important that you vote if you are a paid member of the Association: You can do it with the ballot in the newsletter or visit the website and vote there.

Don't forget to fill out the membership application and include your own news - that is what keeps us going.

I hope you will be in Sidney in July to visit with your "first friends" and make as many memories as you can and then share them with us all in the next issue.