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 Volumne IV Issue 1 Spring - 2001 
The Editor's Corner....
Karen Cycon Dermody

Reunion Weekend once again . ... the time flies by faster each year. It is especially so for me when we are working on another issue of the newsletter.

This issue is full of registration forms and a ballot to send to the Association so that you can vote in our first formal election of the Board of Directors.

I know that you do not like to cut up the newsletter, but we have found that inserts do not work. I have tried to put the various forms together so that you are not losing anything when you take the registration form out of the paper. Some people have copied the foorm to avoid having to use any part of the newsletter. For those of you who have Internet access, all registration forms are available to be printed from the Alumni Website.

After all the administrative "stuff" is taken care of, I hope you will enjoy the range of articles that this issue contains. I am particularly pleased with the article by Dave Ineich about what he experienced when he returned to play in the Annual Alumni Basketball game. This is a great perspective and should be especially encouraging to those who have considered coming back for this event but have hesitated.

I am also very happy to include the essay by Dominic August who is the husband and father of alumni and also a veteran of a very special organization that played a particular role in the history of our community; the Civilian Conservation Corps. Mr. August was generous enough to let me use his biography in this issue and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

David Riker has continued the saga of Ritton Street. I am hoping that some others of you will be inspired to send me your stories after reading Dave's memories. A new edition is the column called "I Remember..." inspired by Diane 'Graney' Holbert. Please read this and then send in your memories.

Lastly, the long promised article about the Pleasant St School is in this issue. This is the information I have found so far and I think it is quite interesting. There are a lot of people who would like to save this building and who knows where this will take us? Perhaps there is someone living in another part of the world who will read this and whose interest will be piqued.

The connection with other buildings similar in architecture is also evolving. I was happy to have the input from the owner of a local construction company, who is very interested in working on the school project.

As always I hope you will send your news and pictures. It can't be done without you and it is done entirely for you.