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 Volume VIII Issue II Fall - 2005 
1000 Book Challenge
Donations Continue

To date the number of books donated to the Alumni Association to be given to the new high school library is over 300. We are very pleased at the generosity the alumni community continues to show.

Donations are still being taken and should be either dropped off at Alumni Center or mailed to the Association address. Remember that you can go to and see the wish list that Eileen Coryat, the high school librarian, has put there. Or you can use that list to donate something similar that might be of use to the students.

A reminder that we can only accept used books if they are in good condition and of course they must be something that the students can use. Anything that has been stored away for some time in a basement or attic is not of use to us. Also textbooks are out of date very quickly and Mrs. Coryat would not be able to put them in her collection.

If you aren't sure about something- please contact Karen Cycon Dermody at or Bonnie Curtis at or 607-5631547.

This is a wonderful opportunity to help out the library-put us on your holiday gift list and remember that your gift is tax deductible.

Thanks to all who have donated books -we are very grateful.