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 Volume VIII Issue II Fall - 2005 
The Editor's Corner......
Karen 'Cycon' Dermody '63

I think you will enjoy this issue of Reflections. I am very pleased by the number of articles describing reunion celebrations. It's so much fun to read what a good time everyone had written by someone who was there. Many classes are deciding to meet much more often than at the usual 5 year intervals; some for birthdays and some every year because it is so nice to see our "First friends" more often. Alumni Weekend provides the place and the date - just bring yourselves.

We also have many more class representatives listed - especially for the younger classes. Thanks so much for stepping up to do this work. I had the pleasure of organizing my class's birthday party in July and I am now in awe of all of the representatives who have done this for so many years. They are really special people who spend the time to keep all of us in touch with one another. I respectfully give the job back to Becky 'Smith' Holley and Kathy 'Tilley' Hoyle with great admiration and gratitude for all they have done for the Class of `63 from the beginning.

It's interesting to consider how many classes who didn't have a representative, but used the website's message board and the alumni weekend, managed to get quite a few people together from their classes. I watched it unfold last spring and it was great.

I have included only a few of the pictures taken during the weekend. There are many more pictures - more than I could fit in the paper. Please go to our website to see some of them. They are also in hard copy in albums at Alumni Center and if you have the chance to visit there you can see them all.

Sidney and Sidney Central School System have such a rich history and we are fortunate to have three articles that describe portions of that history. Greg Davie,'76 and Pat McElligott, `76 have written about the cross country team and boxing in Sidney, respectively, `and Charles "Doc" Brooks has offered an article chockfull of memories of the early part of the last century.

The description of the Wall of Fame induction ceremony held at the luncheon in July will hold your interest. It was a great beginning and a historic moment for the Association. And, it is only the beginning. The Wall of Fame Committee is already hard at work researching our past - both long ago and more recent - and will announce the inductees for 2006 in January. But, they need your help - you can contribute to this by offering nominations yourself. Don't forget the Sports Hall of Fame - nominations are accepted by Greg Davie and his committee for that event, too.

Marcia Donaldson has written about a very meaningful part of her life. In addition to learning about Pet Therapy, I think it's really great to learn about what Marcia is doing now.

. Alumni News is so extensive that (for those who may be keeping track) we have an extra page in this issue. That is what everyone is interested in reading first - what everyone is doing now, where they live, all about their children etc. The pictures of special events are just wonderful. Please keep them coming.

Many class representatives have already begun planning for next year and their plans-are here. If you have a reunion coming up- just send the details to the association address or to me at If you haven't sent pictures or a description of your reunion this year, it's not too late. We can include it in the next issue. Please take the time to let us know any changes in your address both mailing and email. If your address isn't up to date--we can't get Reiections to you. Thanks for all your contributions.

Karen Cycon Dermody