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 Volume VI Issue II Fall - 2003 
"Welcome Inn" Lost in Fire
by Lea Kenyon Gregory '45'

Late this past summer, an early morning fire destroyed the restaurant known as the "Welcome Inn" Many remember the great food and good times spent at the little restaurant located on route 7 between Bainbridge and Sidney.

The name "Welcome Inn" is quite familiar. Did you know it got it's start in the 1930's as a gas station and a small eating establishment? One of the early owners was a family named "Gustavson". They bought the business and the house across the road which became the home of several of the future owners. It was then called "Twin Rivers" because the Unadilla River empties into the Susquehanna about a mile east of there.

In the 1940's it became a very popular spot with Scintilla workers. A specialty was the great home-baked bread and hamburger rolls. A frequent patron was plant manager, Sol Gerig, who ordered steak and spaghetti with such regularity, the dish was named for him on the menu.

A gentleman named, "Sparkle" Church owned the establishment in the 1950's. His personality was similar to Jackie Gleason as the "bartender". The "Welcome Inn" changed hands several times, but always remained a favorite of high school kids from both Bainbridge and Sidney. The loss of this long running business is sad, but as Bob Hope would say, "Thanks for the memories!"

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