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 Volume V Issue II Fall - 2002 
The editor's corner
By Karen Dermody - Editor

For sometime the newsletter committee has been discussing selling advertising space in "Reflections." At the October board meeting of the SCSAA a resolution was passed to allow us to begin advertising and to start with the spring, 2003 issue.

Our reason for doing this is simple-it will help to defray the cost of printing and mailing the two issues per year which, as you can see from the detailed financial statement on page 17, is about $2000 per issue.

We have decided that advertising will be sold to Alumni (or Parents of alumni and those who attended SCS) following the same criteria for membership in the SCSAA.

If you are a paid member of the association and would like to advertise with us, contact me either at the association address or directly at or Karen Cycon Dermody, 55 Livingston Dr. Hamilton, NJ, 08619.

We will be selling business card size ads - send your logo or design if you wish. Each square will be sold for $25. The newsletter is delivered all over the world as you can see from the demographic graph on page 8. Patronizing alumni businesses seems like a natural.

Thanks to Nancy Rutenber, `65 for the picture of the Kindergarten Class found on the last page of this paper. Also our thanks to Trudy Baker for an entire album of pictures from the 30's and 40's-two of which are also on the last page.

Be sure to read Greg Davie's article on his meeting with Joe and Samantha Hagen and the 1923 picture they gave us. This picture is now a part of the Association archives and we invite anyone who would like to help us identify the students in the picture to get in touch with any board member. Unfortunately the picture is large and we have so far only been able to scan it in sections and we are unable to print it in the news letter in a form' that would be identifiable. It is on the website on the directory page. We will be sure and display it at upcoming Association events so that eventually as many people as possible can see it.

Greg is also responsible for the article about the first night football game in September, 1962. We hope that this type of column will be a regular one for Greg. His knowledge of Sidney High School sports history is phenomenal and we are lucky to have him writing for us.

Charles "Doc" Brooks sent along his reflections on being a student at SCS in 1935: Evelyn 'Buker' Avery `59, shared her mother's article about the Sidney Grove Campgrounds and with it we were able to put together that area's history for you. Many will remember, as I do, attending girl scout camp there.

Many reunion classes have already begun making plans for next year and they are listed on page 13. Look for more information in the spring, 2003 issue and on our website.

There is, of course, a recap of the July, 2002 Alumni Weekend along with pictures of classmates who attended.

Thank you to everyone who sent articles and pictures and ideas. The newsletter committee always needs help - if you have ever considered writing something - please do it for next time.