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 Volumne III Issue II Fall - 2000 

Record Growth of Alumni Weekend Participation
Prompts Discussion of Solutions to the Question
"Where Can I Stay While I Am In Sidney?"

The attendance at the alumni weekend has been growing each year and along with that growth has come the problem of where to stay during the weekend. The lack of motel rooms in the immediate area has made it necessary for former graduates and their families to stay as far away as Binghamton or Oneonta.

In order to be ready for next year’s Alumni Weekend, we would like to get organizations and churches involved in a Bed & Breakfast Hospitality Program whereby people in the community would open up their homes to Alumni for that weekend, July 13-15, 2001.

The organizations and churches would receive some or all of the money that people donate to stay in the homes. This would also be open to individuals who have the room to offer as well. If you or someone you know would be interested in representing their organization or church in this program, please contact Debby Puffer, 607-967-8480, Gin Brandt, 607-563-2483 or April McWeeney, 607-369-7660.

Let’s make all the alumni truly welcome and help them to have an enjoyable weekend without having to travel so much. Most have already traveled a great distance to come home. Thanks for your participation!!!