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 Volumne III Issue II Fall - 2000 

Alumni Weekend 2000
is a Resounding Success!

Some Alumni arrived the week before in order to visit family. Some arrived the day before in order to get ready for the 2nd Annual Alumni Golf Tournament. Some came because they heard about it from friends and family. But everyone who came to Sidney for July 14 thru 16, 2000 carried away memories of a great weekend and for some plans to come again next year.

Thursday night July 13, the Sidney Golf and Country Club was the meeting place for the committee whose members were putting the finishing touches on the decorations, setting up the tent and the sound equipment and making sure that all was in readiness for the big weekend.

Last minute details were attended to and then they anxiously scanned the skies and hoped that the rain that had been forecast would not force any of the events to be altered.

The weekend officially began with the Alumni Golf Tournament at 12 noon on Friday, July 14. The rain held off and the 64 players were able to complete their 18 holes in record time. The winning foursome, Dave Doi, '62, Susan Doi, (daughter of Dave and Carolyn Yenson Doi ) Peggy Payne Phelps, '68 and Sandy Bryden Burdick, '59, was presented with the trophy inaugurated last year. The "Old Warrior" will soon bear the names of these four players.

Even before the official time of 8PM Friday evening the former SHS grads began arriving for the Social held at the Golf Club. They arrived singly and in groups looking around for a familiar face.

All over the room you could hear squeals of recognition followed by hugs and pats on the back as old friends met again. The room buzzed with conversations. Cameras were out and groups of people happily smiled to record these special moments. Alumni of all ages filled the room and the deck was taken over by the Class of '59 who could barely make it past the parking lot, so intent were they on their conversations.

At midnight people reluctantly left the golf club and some continued the party elsewhere.

Saturday morning dawned gray and rainy (not at all the kind of weather which encourages you to take a Nature Walk) but cheered on by Chairman, Mary Anne Maynard Cramton, '59, many made the one mile walk and saw first hand the beautiful area by the river.

At 9AM more people gathered under the traffic light carrying their brightly colored umbrellas, to be a part of the Millennium Photo. There was laughter and many jokes about the weather but as someone remarked, not even the rain could dampen the spirit of the folks from Sidney.

After the photo the group moved to the Firemen’s Field for the March of Classes. The Sidney Community Band played under the tent while individuals from Classes 40, 41, 59, 65 and ‘85 marched and later sang a spirited rendition of the Alma Mater.

Unfortunately the Picnic and the Antique Car Show were cancelled due to the weather but many enjoyed the bowling and roller skating activities in the afternoon.

Despite the rain, there was always a crowd in front of the old bank building on Main St. admiring the display of alumni photographs created by Diane Holbert and Debby Puffer. Entitled Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, it featured yearbook photos from all the years represented at the Alumni Luncheon.

The open house at the library also drew many to see the renovations and expansion that have taken place there. Area restaurants and businesses were also busy welcoming visiting former graduates.

Saturday evening there were many special dinners in town as classes met individually to celebrate their class reunions. The "Official Alumni Gathering Place" at the Golf and Country Club was again a happy scene as many people not celebrating a specific reunion year came to see friends. Word had spread locally from the night before that lots of people were in town and this would be the place to see them. The "Cinderella Hour" came far too early again as old friends said good night.

Sunday, the hottest ticket in town was the Annual All Class Reunion Luncheon at the Firemen’s Hall. The balloons were barely blown up before people began arriving to start enjoying this annual event, the basis for the Alumni Weekend’s growth.

The festivities were called to order by Terry Dermody who quickly turned things over to local favorite Greg Davie, our emcee for the day. Greg kept us attentive and laughing throughout the afternoon with his quick wit and humor.

One of the highlights of the afternoon was the inauguration of the "Wall of Fame" which will have a place of honor in the new addition to the high school when it is completed. The founding group was honored for their efforts in organizing the original Alumni gathering some 13 years ago. Mr. Bob Chantler (’44), was also honored for his contribution to quot;Reflections".

The festivities ended around 3:30 PM but the conversation about the weekend continues, "… did you see so and so ?.." "Didn’t they look great. Wasn’t it wonderful to see so many old friends?"…. "I can’t wait until next year."… "I hope my class will hold our Reunion during Alumni Weekend!"

Reunion classes for next year are already at work as is the Weekend committee planning for July 13-16, 2001. It only gets better and better! Plan to be there!