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All Alumni Weekend is July 13 - 15  2018 


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Can you believe it...YOUR Sidney Central School Alumni Association is turning 20 this year! And to kick off the celebration we've put together a very special 20th Anniversary issue of the newsletter you've come to love and look forward to showing up in your inbox or mailbox - REFLECTIONS!

In this issue we've taken great pride in defining the values and benefits this Association strives to provide to Alumni, School and Community. As with any volunteer organization, our effectiveness and ability to serve is based entirely on your support so we greatly appreciate it. If you're new, welcome! If you’re thinking about becoming a member, hopefully this issue of Reflections with help you decide to.

Thank you for 20 years of support and dedication and here's to many more!

Thank you and enjoy!
SCSAA Board & Members

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Up Coming Board Meeting
Sat. June 16th 2018 - 10:00am